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Vesta Vending's professional and personalized full service sets us apart from the rest in the vending industry. Our knowledge and experience will help you evaluate your needs and make selecting your vending options any easy process.

Our vending services are free. There is NO COST to you! We maintain, service and fill the machines at your location. We keep you fully stocked and help you customize your options. 

Vesta Vending is locally owned and operated.

Vesta Vending is a locally owned and operated, full-service vending and coffee service company. The staff operates year-round throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and the greater Philadelphia area. The company's principles of honesty, dependability and quality service make us the perfect choice for you.

Vesta Vending’s main focus is on service. We are committed to providing all of our customers with top-quality, timely service. Our uniformed delivery personnel are easy to identify, friendly and responsive to your needs. We take pride in serving our customers.